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Old primary school in Albufeira to become scouts centre

An old primary school in the Albufeira council is soon to become an activities centre for the Paderne scouts group after a cooperation agreement was signed between the municipality and the local parochial church on May 26.

The former Ribeira de Alte primary school, which was showing signs of vandalism with the walls practically covered in graffiti, will now be used by the Agrupamento de Escutas 1009-Paderne, who will transform the site into a centre for the scouts group to accomplish their annual plan of activities as well as provide support to other local associations.

Father César Chantre from the Paderne parochial church thanked Albufeira Câmara for the provision of the premises, which are now being totally revamped with the help of the local population, businesses and entities to become a multipurpose centre for various local associations.

The Paderne Parochial Church is also developing a project to create the future Ribeira de Alte Chapel at the location.

Mayor Desidério Silva said the agreement will enable the scouts to achieve their objectives as well as assure they complete their plan of activities.

He said: “We want our youth to receive adequate training and become active members of society. The scouts group have a fundamental role in the upbringing of the younger members of the community, promoting friendship, respect and discipline.

“Our contribution will hopefully mean a better future for our younger generations.”