Old Loulé manor to become "music hub"

An 18th century manor in Loulé known as “Solar da Música Nova”, once set to become a residence for science students and researchers, is now to be transformed into a “hallmark music hub” for the Algarve.
Plans are to turn the now derelict building into the town’s music centre – taking in Loulé’s music conservatory, the local Banda Filarmónica Artistas de Minerva and providing a municipal auditorium.
Improvements will also go ahead to the building’s façade, though its “historic architectural traits” are to be preserved.
It’s a far cry from the previous administration’s idea to turn the building into the Algarve Scientific Residence (Residência Científica do Algarve).
Council spokesperson Rita Pina told us the music hub project was considered “more adequate”.
“Besides giving the Artistas de Minerva group the home they have been requesting for some time, it will also home the town’s recently-established Conservatory,” she explained.
The Solar Música Nova, located at the top of Rua Sacadura Cabral, belonged to the Barros e Aragões family but was purchased by Loulé council in 2008.
The cost of the council’s latest plan has not yet been revealed.