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Old farts made it all the way!

Having trained for six months, lost 22kg in weight and ridden his bike in all weathers, Algarve businessman Chris Winstanley felt on top of the world when he finished the Ecovia cycle path across the region with his team, the ‘Old Farts and Young Parps’ on April 19.

“We added in a few bits to the route and ended up doing over 250km, with four of the team climbing all the way to the top of the mountain at Fóia (Monchique),” Chris told the Algarve Resident.

This bike ride was not just about a personal challenge for Chris and his mates – Simon Huthinson, Keith Bryant, Andrew Hutchinson, Eleanor Tanner, Michael Hutchinson and Andi Hyde, who were supported by two road crew Ann Hutchinson and Tony Hooper – but was about increasing awareness of the work of Liliana Rodrigues and her charity Castelo de Sonhos, which works with underprivileged people in Algarve and beyond.

“We picked up money from people on the way and have had pledges from lots of people, and our current donations total more than €700. We have more money to collect so who knows what it will end up being!”

The ride started at Vila Real de Santo António on April 16 and ended at Cape St Vincent in Sagres four days later.

Chris said: “Day four was by far the toughest day of the ride and started at Penina after breakfast in the rain and wind and finished late in the afternoon at Cape St Vincent in beautiful sunshine. “We were absolutely elated at the end and toasted ourselves with some bubbly…not bad for a load of old farts!”

Chris said he enjoyed the Portuguese countryside so much that, in a moment of weakness, has now agreed to do it again with his son in October.

If you would like to donate to Castelo de Sonhos, please contact Chris

on 282 798 101. To find out more or go to the old farts website