Old buildings are threat to public health and safety

Portimão Câmara started cleaning works on a number of derelict buildings on Rua Santa Isabel after they were deemed a health and safety hazard.

The works to safeguard public health and safety started on March 29, with a specialised team removing accumulated rubbish and disinfecting the buildings that were sealed off and quarantined. Access to the buildings was blocked as a measure to prevent them from being used by drug addicts.

This particular area is within the city’s urban regeneration plan, which also includes a further 37 unoccupied buildings in similar circumstances. Portimão Câmara has ordered the owners of the degraded buildings to take immediate action to ensure the safety of citizens or the municipality would be forced to take it into their own hands to clear out the properties and present them with the bill afterwards.

The initiative is being promoted by Portimão Câmara, in conjunction with the municipal health delegation, the police, the Voluntary Fire Brigade and the institute of drugs and drug addiction.