Oily Barroso

Dear Editor,
I thoroughly enjoyed your rather alternative approach to the news that Portugal’s former president Durão Barroso was receiving some new honour as he retired from 10 years of highly-paid “paper-shuffling and interfering”.
But the tongue-in-cheek references to the effective waste of time he’s been orchestrating slightly missed the point. Why is no-one going after him for the part he played in the submarine scandal? That’s what exasperates me about the way things seem to work in Portugal.
Here we have clear indication that a government signed away millions of euros of taxpayers’ money on deals that never saw the light of day, and two of the key ministers of the day are still swanning around, grinning and (in Barroso’s case) receiving the highest accolade a president can bestow!
At least the only other Portuguese who had received the award was a dictator!
Yours, in bafflement,
F. Warner
By email