Oil spillage after vessel

EFFORTS ARE still underway to salvage a vessel that ran aground last Friday (December 9) off the coast of the Azores island of Faial, spilling a quantity of oil in the process.

Azores’ Environment Secretary, Ana Paula Marques, conceded that there had been a small spillage of oil but that it was confined to the area where the Bermudan navy vessel CP Valour, with 21 crewmembers on board, ran aground. None of the crew were believed to be in danger following the incident.

A source said that the pollution stemming from the vessel resulted from “dirty waters” used in the engine tanks and from the fuel on board. The boat, on its way from Montreal in Canada to Valência in Spain, ran aground about half a mile from the north coast of Faial, near the bay of Ribeira das Cabras, after trying to drop anchor.