Oil secret

Dear Editor,

Despite the best efforts of your newspaper and other local publications, it seems the whole “oil business” is going somewhat under the radar.

Aren’t people worried about the effects that these drillings can potentially have in the Algarve?

Like you reported last week, a debate on oil exploration took place on Friday in Faro but the event hardly received any publicity.

I don’t know if there are any hidden agendas here to keep this matter from falling into the media spotlight, but it is definitely strange.

Hardly anything has been heard from local authorities on whether or not they support the drillings, and it is questionable at the least to believe that the exploration is practically risk-free.

One does not have to have a vivid imagination to picture how disastrous it would be for a tourist destination such as the Algarve to be affected by an oil leak.

I think it’s about time that local organisations, councils and the general population start looking at this subject seriously. Otherwise, we risk seeing these questionable projects moving forward with no opposition. Once we realise the dangers, it might be too late…

Joana Taylor