“Oh yes… your father died” Facebook message to children of man buried in Guarda backgarden

The bizarre case of cancer sufferer Alyn Pennycook, buried by his partner Louise Khan, in the couple’s Guarda ‘backgarden’ (click here) is developing this week, with news that Pennycook’s children consider Khan not only “to be completely off her head” but “horrible” to boot.

Pennycook’s two children have asked not to be identified in an interview they gave to the Scottish Daily Record which has subsequently been picked up and repeated by all major UK tabloids, as well as parts of the Portuguese media.

According to the daughter: “There was nothing that (Louise Khan) wasn’t capable of”.

But the duo stopped short of suggesting the homemade burial was anything more than a misguided way of dealing with a natural death.

Said the son, Pennycook was the “type of person” who “might have looked at the funeral costs and said: ‘You know what, dig a big trench in the garden and fling me in’. They didn’t have a lot of money”.

What upsets both is that they got no chance to see their father in the final days of his illness, as they simply had no idea what was going on.

Adding further pain to the issue was the way the children learnt of their father’s death. “On Facebook, it was a very quick message”, the daughter told the Daily Record. “She just said: “Oh yes, your father died…”

“I was like, ‘What are you talking about? I thought it was a joke at first. She hadn’t even told us my father was ill”.

When the young mum-of-two asked about the funeral, she claims Khan told her: “All taken care of. All done and dusted”.

As Khan faces a possible two-year jail term for ‘corpse desecration’ and has to report daily to local police, her former partner’s daughter says she “would love” to see her stepmother sent to prison.

“We’ve not had closure. We’ve had nothing to grieve over, no body, no ashes…”

““She’s a horrible, horrible person,” the daughter added.

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