Oh dear …

Dear Editor,

Reading your report on tax/police purges on donut sellers, I suddenly realised my sins. You see, yesterday I bought a “bica” and had no receipt. Last week I bought a lettuce from an old lady at the market … again no receipt (she is expected to have an electric till, powered by foot pedals?). Worse, I bought an ice cream and walked down The Strip in Albufeira licking it. Yes, I’m a criminal.

But then I read the letters (last week’s edition) … Infralobo/CM Loulé. Clearly there is one law for me and my lettuce, and another for those with power. While understanding those who have given up (will they sell their property?), a test case is needed.

With this tragic, long-standing case, and there are many others, why would anyone want the UK to remain in the EU, which is, in many places, corrupt, badly managed, austerity ridden, and where centralisation and power will increase.

D Taylor-Smith
By email