Official CPC Kennel Club event held in Algarve for first time

The Algarve will for the first time host an official CPC (Kennel Club) event, the “Prova de RCI/IPO”, at the Happy Dog Center in Pêra on April 19.

This is the first time an event of this kind has been held in the Algarve and a Lisbon judge will be adjudicating on the day.

Previously, all dogs wishing to obtain qualifications in BH or IPO would have to travel to Lisbon, Porto or Sintra to take part.

Thanks to the involvement of Afonso Horta, the owner of the Happy Dog Center and the success of his dogs and those he has helped train for previous CPC competitions, the CPC (Kennel Club) has decided to add the Algarve to their event calendar.

Afonso has previously represented Portugal internationally in the world championships of the German Shepherd Working Dog Trials in France 2014, and will again be representing his country in September 2015 in this year’s world championships in Finland.

At the event on April 19, there will be dogs undertaking the BH test, which is designed to test the dog’s temperament and obedience.

All dogs (especially larger breeds) should undertake this training as this qualification demonstrates that they are well behaved, socialised animals who are safe to be around other dogs, people and children.

There will also be dogs undertaking Level 2 of the IPO qualification. This is the International Working Test and involves several elements: the dog’s ability to accomplish a search for small articles in a large field, their general obedience test and a protection dog section where they demonstrate how they would protect their owner against attack while, at all times, responding to their owner’s commands and instructions.

The competition begins at 9.30am.

For more information about this event, contact Afonso Horta:

282 312 708 | 937 584 457

Photo: Jennifer Harrison and her dog Bruno, who has won the national championship in Sintra and is now hoping to gain his IPO2 qualification at this event.