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Oeiras Mayor to be tried for corruption crimes

THE PRESIDENT of Oeiras Câmara, Isaltino Morais, has appeared before magistrates at Lisbon’s Boa Hora Court to face charges of corruption and abuse of power.

In January 2006, he was officially charged with passive corruption crimes, money laundering, abuse of power, and tax evasion.

Isaltino Morais was also charged in June 2005 in a case related to secret bank accounts in Switzerland, which had not been declared to the tax authorities.

According to investigations carried out by the Ministério Público, the public prosecutor, ever since Isaltino Morais had taken up his post as Mayor of Oeiras in 1986, he had used his position to “obtain patrimonial advantages at the cost of the interests of municipal tax payers with the sole objective of self-enrichment”.

Isaltino Morais has always maintained his innocence to all the charges claiming that they are all without basis or foundation.

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