OECD paints depressing “new” portrait of Portugal

National press agrees: “the social portrait of Portugal is not pretty”.

Data compiled by the latest OECD (Organisation for economic cooperation and development) report puts the country “among the worst” of 35 nations for fertility and education.

When it comes to the latter, only Turkey and Mexico fare better.

In other words, we’re bottom of the class in Europe – with the highest number of ‘school drop-outs’ registered – and third from bottom on a more global scale.

Regarding fertility, only south Korea has a lesser birthrate, says the study.

But, the bad news doesn’t stop here.

On the health front, “less than half the Portuguese consider themselves to be healthy”, says the report – when OECD averages are “above 70%”.

And when it comes to youth employment, the OECD average is 7%, whereas Portugal is still riding high with 37%.

A glimmer of hope comes in the statistics for the ‘nem-nem’ generation: young people with no job, no formal qualifications.

Although these are still way ahead of OECD averages (70.25% against 48.55%), the number of nem-nems has dropped markedly in the last few years, and is now, says Expresso below the European average.

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