Odemira parish of São Teotónio wins its freedom through the courts

An example of citizens fighting back (with just cause, and winning) came today as the Supreme Administrative Tribunal granted the embattled Odemira parish of São Teotónio the right to ‘advance from deconfinement’ at the same pace as the rest of the country.

São Teotónio has suffered massively due to immigrant agricultural workers having tested positive (click here) and being unable to self-isolate due to sub-standard levels of accommodation.

Authorities’ heavy-handedness has already been roundly criticised – and now the decision by the Council of Ministers to maintain São Teotónio’s level of confinement to measures from which every other area has already advanced has been overturned, with immediate effect.

Only yesterday, the presidents of São Teotónio and the other Odemira parish worst-affected by the ‘immigrants’ Covid crisis’, were saying authorities have never once told them how many positive cases existed in their areas (click here).

More details to come as they come clear.

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