Odeleite gives parents €1000 to encourage births

Odeleite Parish gives parents €1000 to encourage births

The incentives also include help with preschool fees and school materials for children enrolled in local schools.

The Parish Council of Odeleite, Municipality of Castro Marim, has announced it will allocate €1000 for each birth or adoption in the Parish.

The Municipality approved a set of incentives to “stimulate an increase in the birth rate in the parish, which involves the allocation of €1000 for each birth or adoption in the Parish, as well as the total value of vaccines not covered by the National Health System”, says the Municipality in a statement.

In addition, the Parish also guarantees “the payment of the pre-school fee in the first three months and the acquisition of the initial school material of the school year for all students (1st Cycle and Preschool) enrolled in Odeleite schools”.

The said measures will come into force after approval by the Parish Assembly.