Occupancy rates and prices in the Algarve

Dear Editor,

I read the article about this with great interest, as we have been visiting the Algarve every year now for about seven years.

We have a week of timeshare and add on another week split between one or more hotels/pousadas.

We see more and more building going on and wonder who (if anyone) is buying property in the current global financial climate?

At first we came for the sunshine and the golf. Unfortunately, the golf has become so expensive, and a round takes so long, that we have stopped playing in Portugal.

Fortunately, the bird life and spring flowers are fantastic and these are now the main attractions, in addition to the hospitality of the Portuguese and the excellent restaurants.

There are some great hotel deals available that are hard to match anywhere in Europe and we suspect that this is why occupancy rates are holding up despite the difficult times.

You also have more or less guaranteed sun – something that we cannot rely on in the West of Scotland – especially in February and March! Viva Portugal! Viva O Algarve!

Robin Harvey

by email

Dear Editor,

I, like all your other correspondents who have written into you on the subject of falling restaurant prices (Algarve Resident edition of July 30), challenge the Post Office UK plc to publish the names and addresses of the establishments/ restaurants in the Algarve where the price of a meal has gone down by 63% over the last 12 months or in fact have gone down at all.

As a property owner and frequent visitor who eats out at least three times per week, I can honestly say that none of the restaurants I visit have come down in price at all, let alone 63%!

David D. Stross