Obituary –  Georg Mühleisen

news: Obituary -  Georg Mühleisen

Georg Mühleisen


Artist, philosopher, creator, sculptor, loving husband to Linda, friend, biker, a builder of dreams.

Georg, who passed away on January 5 at the age of 68, was an accomplished artist. He held exhibitions in England and from an early age in Africa. He studied under Professor Erich Heckel, one of the last two living members of the Brücke group (German Expressionists).

From Africa, he returned to England and after school and architectural college worked as a set designer on TV series such as Thunderbirds are Go, Joe 90, Stingray, Captain Scarlet and many more. He then moved to Germany where he worked on Sesame Street and a series of films for TV and cinema.

Georg was born in 1944 and had an extraordinary childhood, divided between Germany, Africa and England. This ignited in him a thirst for knowledge that was never quenched.

He came to the Algarve in 1972 and set about creating wonderful homes. He was particularly interested in preserving the Portuguese vernacular in terms of architecture, and took on many restoration projects as well as building new homes. His love for detail made him unique in the building trade.

He touched the lives of many people who have said of him: “Steadfast, engaging and intelligent, phenomenal, almost encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Masonic and esoteric”; “Georg meant a lot to me and helped me when I needed it the most. He gave me teachings and opportunities that have changed my life completely. His life was surely worth living”.

Among his varied interests were a love of motorbikes and cars, architecture going back to Egyptology, the origins of Christianity and an eclectic taste in rock and blues music.

The unique person that he was, he battled stoically with cancer. Linda Mühleisen