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Obesity – more than just a few extra pounds

The Hospital Particular do Algarve has taken on a new challenge:  the control of obesity.  A team of multidiscipline specialists, led by Dr António Sérgio, Portugal’s number one specialist in this area and the President of the Portuguese Association of Obese Surgery, has joined the hospital’s team.  

This complex pathology is dealt with by utilising the latest technology with specific emphasis on the  surgical team’s extensive experience in laparoscopic surgery.

Depending on each individual case, various options are available:  gastric band, gastric by-pass and gastric sleeve.  Another option is the gastric balloon, which is a non-surgical procedure, where a balloon is introduced endosmotically in the stomach.

Is obesity a disease?

It is estimated that more than one billion people worldwide are overweight and 300 million of these are obese. The obese patient is subject to innumerable health risks and associated co-morbidities, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, sleep disorders, respiratory, cardiac and renal insufficiency and so on. But, above all, the main consequence is the obese patient’s lack of quality of life, difficulty in obtaining work, personal interaction, personal image and exclusion.

Is someone obese out of choice?

The answer is NO.  Excess weight is the result of an appetite dysfunction, a sedentary way of life and the constant advertising of tasty, hyper caloric foodstuffs. The obese patient is the victim of his/her genetic inheritance as well as of his/her surroundings.

In the past, patients had no choice but to seek treatment for this pathology either in Lisbon or in the UK.  The Hospital Particular do Algarve in Alvor has brought the treatment closer to you, where periodic control is at hand!

For an appointment with Dr António Sérgio, contact our Out-Patients Department on 282 420 403 or [email protected]