Nurses association in cat fight criminal probe

All is not well in the controversial nurses association. The “Ordem dos Enfermeiros” which recently raised eyebrows claiming euthanasia already exists in various hospitals (click here), and that patients have been left without food, water or medication for days – has suddenly descended into a very public cat fight.

Two key members are alleging a fraudulent conspiracy over mileage allowances, while the association itself has ‘expelled them, effectively calling them liars, and tarnishing them with accounting offences.

The row broke out last Friday, with the head of the association Ana Rita Cavaco openly attacking the vice-president Graça Machado – purportedly her good friend – for claiming two salaries and “unauthorised expenses”

Machado and former financial director have since gone public over what they claim to be a mileage racket within the association.

The pair have made testimonies to the Public Ministry and AT tax authority, explains Correio da Manhã today – stressing that former vice-president Lúcia Leite doubts the allegations, as does former head of the association Germano Couto.

In other words, what investigators face is a viper’s nest of claim versus counter-claim, and some very unhappy people.

The situation has been further complicated by a TV exposé highlighting the issues which went out on Sunday (click here), but which did not seek to get clarification from either Ana Rita Cavaco or anyone else from the nurses association.

The nurses association, which has a total of 67,000 members who each pay fees of €9 per month, has since said it will be seeking “immediate initiatives to restore the legality” of the situation.

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