Nurse and female security guard caught on CCTV using dismembered man’s bank cards

Updates on the horrific murder of 21-year-old Algarve IT technician Diogo Gonçalves claim his murderers – a nurse and female security guard – tortured him for at least two days before killing him and dismembering his body with a meat cleaver and knife.

The torture went ahead until the young man revealed the pin codes of his bank cards.

Images of his alleged killers cashing money at ATMs throughout the region have been identified on CCTV cameras.

Says tabloid Correio da Manhã today, when confronted with all the police evidence against them, the two women – aged just 19 and 23 – confessed.

Blood traces have been identified in the house to which Diogo was ‘lured’ on March 18 – the day he ‘disappeared’, the paper explains.

The motive for this hideous crime was a €70,000 pay-out the young victim had recently received as compensation for his mother’s ‘hit-and-run’ death in Guia, almost four years ago.

Says CM: Diogo told a number of friends about the money. One of them – a girl he had “always had a passion” for – “tried to get hold of it. When she didn’t succeed, she decided on a more violent plan with the help of a friend”.

The victim was lured to the house of one of the women on March 18, says CM (SIC claims the house was actually Diogo’s own in Algoz).

He was then ‘tortured’ to reveal his pin codes, during which time he died of strangulation.

“The young women panicked and decided to cut his body up with a meat cleaver”, writes the tabloid.

One of the women played a “more active role” in the dismemberment.

In the days afterwards, the duo started distributing body parts over the region. The head and torso were dumped roughly 150 kms apart. The legs and arms have yet to be located. Says CM police fear they may well have been consumed by wild animals by now.

The two women – whom SIC television news described as a nurse from Lagos and a security guard from Portimão – are due to be presented before a magistrate in Portimão today to hear the terms of their bail, pending trial for murder and the profanation of a corpse.

As reports have stressed, PJ police managed to crack this hideous mystery in the space of just one week.