Numbers of Covid patients in Portuguese hospitals take new tumble

Another day, another Covid bulletin and new evidence that the pressure on Portugal’s hospitals is reducing. 

Today’s situation report shows 345 people have left hospital; ICUs are down by another 33 patients; recoveries (at 5,342) well outnumber new infections (which came in at 2,324) –  but deaths are still comparatively ‘high’ in that 127 people died in the last 24-hours with Covid-19.

Since the start of the pandemic 15,649 people have died with Covid-19 in Portugal, while 683,061 are described as having recovered.

The daily reports never give any details on recoveries that could involve ‘long Covid’, or the persistence of certain issues as result of people having caught the disease – although this phenomenon has been mentioned here and there in the national press over the course of the last few months.

Numbers in hospital now are down to 4,137, with 719 people still in ICUs.

Experts have consistently stressed that before unlocking the country, hospital numbers should be much lower, as should those of people in intensive care.

Other news today has been the decision to increase financial support for parents who are working from home and looking after primary school age children at the same time.

Up till today, these parents are still only entitled to 66% of their normal wages. 

If the change is approved in parliament tomorrow, they will qualify for 100%.

Parents of older children however are not included in this new support measure.