21-year-old Tair Bira
21-year-old Tair Bira is the 3rd Luso-Portuguese to be confirmed dead following the terrorist attacks in southern Israel by Hamas militants nearly two weeks ago. Her father Orin, 53, is among the five dual nationality citizens still missing.

Number of Luso-Isrealis confirmed dead in Hamas atrocities increases

The number of Luso-Israeli citizens confirmed dead in Hamas’ atrocities nearly two weeks ago has risen to three – all of them young women. Five Luso-Israelis are still ‘missing’ (it is unconfirmed whether or not they are being held hostage in Gaza), while another is seriously injured in hospital (following response by the Israeli military). These are all dual nationals due to the Nationality Law that has allowed thousands of descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled from Portugal during the Inquisition to ‘reclaim’ nationality. Ironically, the law is being repealed following stories in the media suggesting it was open to manipulation.