Now France shows displeasure at Portugal’s ‘best kept taxation secret”

Portugal’s Non-habitual Residents regime is now the subject of intense debate in France. Following the fury of Finland (which has ensured its nationals no longer qualify for it) to the disgust of Sweden, Portugal is now faced with displeasure of the French whose taxation levels have contributed to angry weeks of ‘yellow vest protests’, leading to the launch of a website where citizens have vented feelings and made suggestions. 

The bottom line regarding NHR is that France’s men and women in the street do not like it.

Says TSF radio, some suggestions on the ‘Grand débat’ site created by President Macron have been to refuse French pensioners living in Portugal and enjoying a decade free of taxation on their pensions the ability to return home for medical treatment.

Others have suggested slashing the pensions of anyone who leaves France for an advantageous tax regime.

Comments show that French citizens see countrymen and women who leave the country to save money as “impoverishing France” because they no longer pay into the system, or consume within it.

“It’s a scandal, a proof of great selfishness”, said one user.

And, of course, this is exactly what the Swedes seemed to be saying two years ago, and the Finns (click here and click here).

But up till now nothing has happened – while Portugal particularly has benefited immensely.

The last time ‘the writing looked like being on the wall’ was pre- the 2018-19 State Budget. But nothing changed (click here).

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