Luxury development approved near beauty spot

A new luxury development has been approved for an area adjacent to the Lagoa dos Salgados in the parish of Pêra at a time when environmentalists are fighting for the lagoon to be classified as a natural protected site.

Sandra Moreira, a spokesman for Silves Câmara, told the Algarve Resident:  “The project has been approved by all the necessary authorities but a date for construction has not yet been set. A few bureaucratic formalities remain to be dealt with for all the necessary licences.”

According to Algarve resident and keen birdwatcher Colin Key, the bird life at the lagoon has decreased dramatically. “Two or three years ago, there were 1,000 flamingos there and the site is on an eco-tourism map for British bird watchers, but when they come here, there is nothing to see.”

Fight against palm beetle continues

A plan of action against the red palm weevil is in place in most councils to stem the spread of the plague that is destroying popular ornamental palm trees used in many public spaces and private gardens across the region.

To treat palms that have been affected by the weevil, Silves Câmara uses a product called Biorend. However, they are also implementing an environmentally friendly method to prevent the spread of the plague and cure the palm tree with the use of nematodes.

Aníbal Moreno from the environmental department at Loulé Câmara said that their treatment methods for palm trees that are infected by the weevil include injections and spraying with two products, Vertimec and Confidor.

Large and well established palm trees in public gardens are also undergoing preventative treatment against the plague across the region.

International school attempts Guinness World Record

Nearly 250 people attempted to smash the Guinness World Record for human dominoes in the Algarve.

Students, friends, family and teachers from the Almancil-based International School São Lourenço (ISSL) attempted to smash the Guinness World Record for human dominoes at the Algarve Stadium on Guinness World Records Day, November 12.

Students raised funds for the school through sponsorship to take part in the event, although the total amount raised has not yet been announced.