November: Portugal’s hottest for 34 years

Everyone felt it, but now it is official. Last month was the hottest November in Portugal for 34 years, with a heatwave registered in Braga that lasted for 10 ‘extraordinary’ days. It was also one of the fifth driest November’s in the last 15 years, and marked by a number of extreme situations – not least the devastating floods in Albufeira, whose damages count has now exceeded €20 million.

The most severe areas of drought are all those south of Coimbra as dams now are registering capacities lower than the average for the last 20 years.

The traditional St Martin’s summer in Portugal is always marked by sunshine, but this year’s temperatures exceeded averages, with Pego, in Abrantes registering highs of 28.5º and Lousã reaching an absolute record for the period of 28.3º.

Conversely, on the last day of the month, Moura (Melgaço) registered ‘intense cold’ of minus 5º – another record for November.