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Not too shy for a comeback

Following the success of other 80s comebacks, the members of Kajagoogoo have announced that they too will be delighting fans again as they reform for 10 tour dates to take place later this year.

All of the five original members will be present at the concerts, the first time the group have been back on stage together in 25 years.

Front man Limahl said: “It took us 25 years to grow up basically. All this silly stuff ‘If you want to talk to me, talk to my lawyer’…but now we are back together it is a relief.”

The boys, who are very much men now, formed the band in 1979 and had their biggest hit in 1983 with the chart topper Too Shy.

Disputes between band members led to the pin up lead singer Limahl, real name Christopher Hamil, being sacked from the band but any in-fighting has now been put to rest.

“When you get to our age, you know you are half way through your life or more; you know this is not a rehearsal, it’s the real thing,” said Limahl.

As well as treating fans to some of the best of their back catalogue, the band have also promised fans that they will be able to listen to new material from the band.