Nosolo’s Água Qlub brings new beach concept to Vilamoura

The Nosolo Group has inaugurated the new Água Qlub beach club at Praia de Vilamoura, which promises to bring a new trendy concept to the area.

The establishment is comprised of a beach club, a restaurant, a snack-bar, a 360º degree rooftop (due to open in 2021) and an events’ venue.

A wide selection of dishes are served at the restaurant, including Algarvean oysters, sushi made from fresh fish caught along the region’s shores and a variety of meat dishes.

“Água Qlub aims to create a new form of beach-going by providing unforgettable experiences in an exotic atmosphere where the key words are wellbeing, quality and fun,” the group says.

“Its privileged location in the middle of a sprawling beach, combined with an oriental atmosphere and the group’s vast experience in the restaurant and entertainment business make this club a ‘must-go’,” it adds.

Franco Lorenzi, CEO of the Nosolo Group, explains the inauguration of Água Qlub marks a new step forward for the group, following the success of its other beach clubs across the Algarve.

“This investment, even in the midst of a pandemic, symbolises our goal to continue making history and investing in the region. And that is why Água Qlub aims to establish itself not only as a beach club or as a restaurant, but as a lifestyle,” he adds.