Norwegian tourist found dead in Armação de Pêra. “Crime suspected”

PJ police are investigating the death of a Norwegian holidaymaker, whose body was discovered in an apartment in Armação de Pêra in the early hours of this (Monday) morning.

According to CMTV, the dead man was in his 70s.

He is believed to have “gone out yesterday afternoon, drinking a lot of alcoholic drinks in various establishments”.

At one point he was seen by a GNR patrol and, according to CMTV, taken to the A&E service operating in Albufeira.

“He returned to the borough of Silves”, adds the reporter, and was discovered dead by his friend hours later.

What happened during the intervening time is what is now being investigated.

CMTV claims that authorities initially believed the death to be either due to “natural causes” or suicide, but blood traces found in nearby streets and at the entrance to the building where the Norwegian was staying have led to suspicions that he may have been attacked on his way home.

It is equally possible, said the news station, that he could have fallen.

Thus further details are expected as the investigations unfolds.

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