Portuguese “have never been so rich” - the reason: rising house prices!

Non-resident homeowners in Spain

I very strongly agree with the points Roger Eastoe has raised about UK residents owning property abroad.

We paid tax to the state that the property is in when it was purchased and pay ongoing costs such as utility bills, SUMA costs not to mention any improvement costs or commodity costs which all have a form of tax on.

I understand you are championing the change of the 90-day rule for property owners in Portugal, but I think it should be the same for other states such as Spain where I own a property and would like to spend more time there now that I have retired.

Please don’t dismiss this request as it does not refer to Portugal. Maybe it could reflect in your campaign and be brought to the attention of those responsible for making these rules. I wish you success in your campaign and will vote or sign any petition if required.

Robert Brown