Nomad World Fest comes to Albufeira

Nomad World Fest comes to Albufeira

Digital nomads from across the globe are expected in Albufeira

Albufeira is preparing to host the Nomad World Fest, described as a “transformative experience for digital nomads and remote workers from across the globe.”

Due to take place between October 9 and 15 at several venues (although the primary venue will be the municipal auditorium), this event will feature “a powerful mix of expert talks, hands-on workshops, and beachside fun, all aimed at celebrating freedom, connection, and personal growth.”

“Our festival goes beyond the conventional, featuring speakers with expertise in areas like remote work, web3, co-living, co-working, AI, and the future of work. Get ready for thought-provoking conversations and cutting-edge insights that will redefine your understanding of work and life,” say the organisers, which include the Digital Nomads Association Portugal and Albufeira Council.

The town of Albufeira was chosen to host the event due to its “vibrant cultural experience” as well as the fact that it is a “preferred destination for digital nomads” thanks to its “fantastic climate, high quality of life and digital nomad-friendly environment.”

Its “picturesque beaches, charming old town and lively nightlife” are also said to provide a “scenic backdrop for networking,” while its proximity to Faro International Airport provides “global accessibility, making it an ideal meeting point for a global audience.”

According to organisers, some of the highlights will include a series of conferences between October 10 and 13, which in the morning will allow visitors to learn from industry leaders about entrepreneurship, remote work, web3, co-living spaces and the “future of work,” while in the afternoon they will be able to engage in expert panels, workshops and other events where they will have the opportunity to discuss, debate and share ideas in an informal and interactive environment.

Speakers will include Emmanuel Guisset, CEO and Co-founder of Outsite, a network of coliving spaces across the world with more than 5,000 members; Lou Kerner, Founder of CryptoOracle; Dave Williams  CEO and Co-Founder of NomadX; Gonçalo Hall, Founder of Movimento Trabalho Remoto; Kate Shifman, Founder of AOMA Coabitação + Coworking; Miguel Fernandes, CEO of Dengun; Sarah Rapp, Head of Marketing and Advocacy at Nomads Skillshare! & Nomads Giving Back!; Marie Tuason, Founder and Content Creator at Gumamela Studios LLC; Rafael Guerreiro, CEO of New Sequence; Christoph Huebner, Chief Nomad at; Zeev Fisher, Founder of Fresh Portugal and a tax lawyer; and many others.

Throughout the event, participants can also join take part in a variety of beach activities, from paddleboarding to beach volleyball, providing the “perfect setting for networking and building connections in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.”

Tickers are still available with prices starting at €129 per person.