'Noite Branca' fugitive arrested in Algarve

One of the many gang members rounded up in Porto’s legendary ‘Noite Branca’ investigation, and reported to be “on the run” from the authorities for months, was finally re-arrested by police in Faro last weekend.
Carlos ‘Selvagem’, 40, was wanted by Porto’s criminal investigation division on various charges of aggression, illegal possession of weapons and coercion.
According to news reports, he served time in the 1990s for attempted murder, before being involved in the violence that characterised ‘Noite Branca’ – described as one of the most complex police investigations of the early 2000s.
His downfall in Faro was an allegation of sexual molestation reported to Faro PSP. Looking into the system, police realised there were outstanding arrest warrants for the same man, and raided the property where he was living.
A sawn-off shotgun was reported to have been found on the premises, while Carlos ‘Selvagem’ was transported to Porto to appear before the city’s court of criminal instruction.