Noise pollution

Dear Editor, 

I read with interest your article on the good works achieved so far by the Loulé Council and applaud such forward thinking efforts (‘Loulé launches campaign to clean up district’, Algarve Resident, June 18 edition).

Can you tell me as to the policy that Loulé Council has towards noise pollution in our region?

I have observed that there appears to be an increase in noise pollution, particularly by the large hotels that are springing up.

The noise emanates from air conditioning plant or refrigeration plant that appear to have no ‘baffling’ on them.

Does the council at Loulé have a noise pollution policy or is there an EEC Directive to control such noise in urban developments and, if so, does Loulé Council adopt it?

The environment is so precious to us all and something we all have to share.

I congratulate Aníbal Moreno on the efforts achieved by the council and look forward to a reply. 

Mr. N. Jones

By email

Editor’s note: Dear Mr. Jones, thank you for your email. I believe all Câmaras have noise pollution policies but how strictly they are implemented, I’m afraid I cannot say. Often, it is down to the person affected to alert the authorities to a noise pollution case. I suggest you write a letter to Environment Councillor Sr Aníbal Moreno, who speaks very good English, detailing your concerns about noise pollution. I have had the pleasure of working with Sr Aníbal and know he will do his best to help you.