No tolls from the residents of the Algarve

Dear Editor, Firstly, I would not class the A22 as a motorway. It is a dual carriageway!

Has the Government taken a census on the amount of traffic actually using the A22? It is extremely quiet in my mind compared to the motorways in the UK, France and Spain. All these motorways are of amazing quality and have at least three lanes.

OK, no tolls in the UK but you really don’t object to paying to travel quickly and safely through France and Spain.

Saying this though, you will be even safer on the A22 because very few will use it with tolls, and take to the N125, already one of the most dangerous roads in Europe! God help us all.

Has the Government not noticed the number of British, French, Dutch and Spanish cars, not to mention, of course, the rental cars here on the roads at the moment? They are making up a large percentage of tourists enjoying the beautiful, hospitable Algarve.

These cars and their occupants will not be back. They will tour around other parts of Europe, after all there is a huge choice for them, but because the Algarveans are so approachable, helpful and friendly, the region has great scenery, beaches, local produce, restaurants and tourist attractions, they choose to come here.

I think the bottom line to all this confusion and unrest is the Government doesn’t actually know how it is going to manage payment of these tolls, but let us pray to God the Post Office does not come into play with this crazy toll idea.

I sometimes feel that I may have reached pension age by the time my number comes up when I have the misfortune to have to use the local Post Offices!

As we have read over the past number of months, many holidaymakers have already decided to go elsewhere as they have no idea how the tolls are going to be managed, and don’t want to be in breach of the law and get home and find a fine and toll fees popping through their letterbox!

They are undoubtedly signing the Algarve’s Death Warrant if they continue with this farcical idea.