No more wedding blues for Bridget

news: No more wedding blues for Bridget

Award winning professional photographer, Bridget Flemming, feared her career was threatened when her hands seized up in camera hold position after a full day’s wedding shoot.

It was a crisis point, after months of pain with arthritis in her hands, knees and hip joints, in which she had sought relief with wrist support gloves and an unpalatable offal based diet, having a certain amount of success from homeopathic remedies.

Then, at the brink of despair, Bridget, 59, who lives on the Chatsworth Estate near Bakewell, was recommended to try Vitacoll Gold and – six months on – business is booming! She is free from pain and has more than 20 weddings on her diary for this year!

“I reached the point where I felt my whole body was seizing up. I had no strength in my hands and was in a panic because I had so much work building up. Vitacoll completely sorted out my whole problem, which seemed like a miracle! I can’t imagine what I would do without it and I am now confident about expanding my business,” said Bridget, who last October was awarded national recognition by the British Institute of Professional Photography for her work.

You can call 913 350 000 for advice and information about Vitacoll Gold.