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No more mosquito misery …

IT IS so good to hear about youngsters launching themselves into the hard world of business, patents and copyrights, and that is just what Jas is doing; and from the feel of it, with great success already.

Jas was working as a stock controller for a music company in London, UK, five years ago. At the time, she had just been promoted and given a platinum disc for her “stock accuracy”. But when she came out to Lagos on holiday, she loved it so much that she decided to give up the job to be here in Portugal.

Like so many other youngsters, she worked in bars and restaurants in order to keep “the wolf from the door”. While she was working in a restaurant in Lagos, she was getting badly bitten by mosquitoes, to the point that it was affecting her work performance and appearance.

Like the rest of us, she tried all the supposed remedies but nothing really worked for her. So when her mum suggested she made her own formula, this is just what she did ….

She tested it out on one unsuspecting customer, who was getting married later in the year. Her legs were badly infected with bites and the formula worked amazingly for her! Now we know how word gets around in the Algarve ….

Jas’s success has already been phenomenal. Getting bolder by the day, she has developed the formula further, by introducing other oils which have an anti-inflammatory effect on the bite to reduce the itching.

Jas believes one of the most important reasons why her product works is because she relies heavily on client feedback; of course, if it did not work, she would never get the level of repeat business she has achieved.

Jas is so convinced of the product’s long-term success that she is currently in the process of patenting the formula for the whole of Europe. With the product already having been tested in West Africa, India, Jamaica and the Amazon, the future seems assured for this very entrepreneurial young lady.

If you are looking for an exciting product to sell in your area, shop, restaurant or any business, call Jas at Essential Oils on 916 044 779 or e-mail [email protected]