No luck for Pincho

Algarve ‘paradise’ threatened by wind farm

PINCHO EXPATRIATES met with European MEP for Algarve, Jamila Madeira, in Faro recently, in the hope of resolving the situation surrounding the possible, disastrous instalment of wind turbines around their properties. Sadly, the meeting was inconclusive.

Jamila Madeira had contacted the Direcção-Geral de Energia (DGE) earlier in the year for some explanation. However, at the meeting she still had not received a response. It appears that the Câmaras involved and the DGE have no knowledge of the proposed plans, and the petitioners of Pincho still have not been officially informed of the plans for the Parque Eólico de Guerreiros.

There have been no rules, regulations or guidelines issued from Brussels concerning the erection of wind turbines. Laws are national and petitioners are still in the dark as to regulations regarding the proximity of turbines to houses or if they are entitled to any compensation.

Jamila confirmed that high-tension cables must be 100 metres from dwellings and, at present, they are planned straight over the top of one of the houses. Still waiting for confirmation of the legality of the erected test tower, petitioners were anxious to know if any plans had been submitted in the last seven months; Jamila was unable to answer.

Annoyed and feeling let down by the country they call home, they have taken their case to the top. Their plea has been sent to the Secretary General of Europa Nostra at The Hague and the European Commission Office in Brussels.

However, it seems as though this is a national, not European, problem. The people of Pincho may have to accept that wind turbines will be the newest addition to their community. Louise Pimm