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No deaths in Portugal, 430 cases but ‘incidence and Rt increase’

Yet again there have been no deaths in today’s Covid bulletin, but focus has shifted to a continuous count of ‘new cases’ – intimating that this is something to be very concerned about.

On the basis that the crushing majority of these new cases are not translating into a kind of serious illness, there are those who would argue otherwise.

Indeed there is a case for these new cases being a ‘positive situation’ in that they are increasing the numbers of people building ‘natural resistance’ to the virus – which, as  experts have already explained, is much more robust than that conferred by the vaccines (click here).

In other words, as Portugal steers a steady course towards authorities’ goal of 70% of the country inoculated by the beginning of August, younger generations are relentlessly passing the virus to each other and creating their own immunity.

That said, this is not the way authorities like to interpret rising case numbers. The relatively low new case count today has come with the warning that ‘yesterday was a Bank Holiday’ and the true number of new cases ‘could be far higher’.

The ‘overall pattern’ nonetheless stays the same: the majority of new cases are in Lisbon, followed by the north, centre and then other regions jostling for positions lower down the scale.

For the bulletin in full (click here).

It’s not hard to understand the dismay of regions like the Algarve to hear that Portugal is once again on a ‘travel blacklist’ when a population of well over 400,000 people has registered just 11 new cases in the last 24-hours.

Media reports today are all suggesting that Lisbon’s ‘heavy case load’ will see the capital ‘held back’ from the June 14 date for the next phase of deconfinement (click here).

Meantime, a long weekend is playing out in which hundreds of nationals will be visiting the Algarve for a spot of R&R.

Whether this reflects on case numbers in the coming fortnight, we can only wait and see.