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No apologies needed

By HANS HOOGERDIJK [email protected]

Hans Hoogerdijk taught International Management & Communication in Utrecht. Co-founder of Global Management Skills that provides Management Training, Coaching and Consultancy. Customers include Fortis Bank & Insurance, ABNAMRO Bank, PGGM Investments.

Whenever I speak to Portuguese people, they apologise about the amount of bureaucracy we meet in Portugal. They also want to show me that they know everything is so much more organised and efficient in my country.

I always react with surprise; why is it that highly educated people here in Portugal really seem to think that they are doing a lesser job than people in, for instance, the Netherlands do? Because it is just not true; in my country we have at least the same amount of bureaucracy, inefficiency and we are just as corrupt or sincere as people in Portugal. I think the latest developments in the financial sector are proof of this.

It is this feeling of inferiority that makes cultures and economies weak and vulnerable. It is time Portugal takes more pride in what they do and achieve at the moment. Nothing to be ashamed of; no apologies needed.