Photo: CM Portimão

No active wildfires but maximum risk in seven districts

Fire risk at maximum level in 50 municipalities

There are no active wildfires in Portugal this Friday morning despite the risk of wildfires being placed at its maximum level in 50 boroughs in seven districts – Braga, Vila Real, Bragança, Guarda, Viseu, Coimbra and Castelo Branco.

According to the national civil protection authority’s website at 6.30am this morning, there were 21 fires which were in the ‘resolution’ phase – when a fire is no longer considered a threat beyond the perimeter it has already affected.

There were also seven fires ‘in conclusion’ – the phase where firefighters are very close to extinguishing all flames.

IPMA – Portugal’s sea and atmosphere institute – has also placed several boroughs on “very high” or “high” wildfire alert in the following districts: Viana do Castelo, Braga, Porto, Aveiro, Vila Real, Bragança, Viseu, Coimbra, Leiria, Castelo Branco, Guarda, Santarém, Portalegre, Lisboa, Beja and Faro.

Adds IPMA, the wildfire risk in Portugal will remain elevated in some regions until at least next Tuesday.

By Michael Bruxo