Lawyer Carlos Duarte says some of those arrested today had "nothing to do with" Igor Silva's murder

Nine suspects arrested over Porto murder

PJ police describe “vast criminal history”

The savage killing of Igor Silva on the night Porto football club fans celebrated championship victory has now rounded up no less than 10 suspects – one of which has been in preventive custody for weeks.

Initially Renato Gonçalves was cited as the alleged killer. Now his father, Marco ‘Orelhas’ – a leading member of a ‘football gang’ known as the ‘Super Dragões’ – and eight others have been arrested.

PJ police announced the new arrests this morning, describing some of the nine as having “vast criminal histories”.

They were rounded up early today as police “exercised 13 search warrants” at residential addresses.

Marco ‘Orelhas’ was already a suspect in this case – but not of ‘co-authorship of murder’ (which is the charge highlighted today).

He presented himself to the PJ in Porto on May 16, was made a suspect for ‘offenses to physical integrity’ (GBH)  and “left in freedom” – albeit police sources did warn that further suspects and further charges could come.

This is what appears to have happened. The new suspects are all aged between 20-42, say reports.

They will be appearing in court either later this afternoon, or tomorrow.

A statement issued by Porto PJ explains the search warrants exercised this morning were issued by the Public Ministry of DIAP (department of investigation and penal action) “targeting a group of individuals suspected of co-authorship of the aggravated homicide that took place in the early hours of May 8, in the city of Porto”.

Igor Silva was attacked outside Porto’s Estádio de Drgão football ground, and died from multiple stab wounds.

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