Photo: Lusa

Nine road deaths mark weekend

540 accidents recorded also caused 10 serious injuries

Nine people died and 10 were seriously injured in road accidents between Friday and Sunday, according to provisional accident data available on the National Republican Guard (GNR) website.

Between 00:00 last Friday and midnight on Sunday, the GNR recorded 540 accidents in its area of operation, which caused nine deaths, 10 serious injuries and 188 minor injuries.

On Friday, 182 accidents were recorded, with four deaths (in the districts of Setúbal and Castelo Branco), three serious injuries and 60 minor injuries.

According to GNR data, there were 163 road accidents on Saturday, causing two deaths (in Lisbon and Santarém), three serious injuries and 58 minor injuries.

On Sunday, 195 accidents were recorded, causing three deaths (in Braga, Lisbon and Setúbal), four serious injuries and 70 minor injuries.

This data excludes any information on road traffic accidents collated by PSP police.