Nine Portuguese wines make list of ‘100 Best Buys of 2016’

Nine Portuguese wines have been featured in a list of the ‘100 Best Buys of 2016’ published by US Wine Enthusiast magazine.

The results place Portugal in the third spot of countries with most wines on the list, beaten only by the US (31) and France (13).

Quinta da Aveleda – which consistently makes the top 10, even having topped the list in 2014 – achieved great results with its Aveleda 2015 White being named the third overall best buy.

The fifth was considered to be Lisbon’s red DFJ Vinhos 2013 Paxis.

Other Portuguese wines that made the top 100 were Quinta do Portal 2013 Mural Reserva (12th); J. Portugal Ramos 2015 Loureiro (19th); Caves Velhas 2013 Catedral (25th); Parras Vinhos 2014 Castelo do Sulco Reserva (32nd); Caves da Montanha 2014 Conde de Serpa Colheita (42nd); Magnum Vinhos 2013 Flor de Maio (53rd); and Provam 2015 Varanda do Conde (63rd).

For a wine to qualify, it must be priced at $15 (€13.66) or less and meet a “quality-to-price ratio”.

“Of the more than 21,000 wines reviewed this past year, fewer than 1,400 were awarded the Best Buy designation. From there, we narrowed it down to an elite list of the top 100, including the most enticing, buzzworthy, obtainable and, most important, affordable wines available today,” the magazine writes.

To see the list, click here.

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