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Nine Nights


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Nine Nights by Bernardo Carvalho is out in paperback at 12 euros.

From one of Brazil’s most remarkable contemporary writers, this is a dark and exhilarating journey into the jungle of a man’s mind – a thriller in the same style as Joseph Conrad.

In August 1939, a brilliant and privileged young American ethnologist commits suicide in Brazil, leaving behind seven letters suggesting different motives.

To some he said he had contracted a terrible disease; to others he claimed he could not recover from his wife’s affair with his brother (though he was neither married nor had a brother).

Intrigued by the mystery, our narrator gathers the fragmentary evidence and sets out to discover the truth, becoming obsessed before long with the idea that there was an eighth letter.

Slipping between fact and fiction, reality and illusion, this striking and haunting novel follows one man’s personal quest for certainty – a mission that slowly drives him mad.