Nike says ‘no’ to CR7 sports footwear

Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo launched his special brand of ‘CR7 Footwear’ this weekend, but not without a few headaches.

Jornal de Notícias reported yesterday (February 19) that he hoped to carry sports shoes but got a resounding ‘thumbs down’ from his million-euro sponsor Nike.

A source “close to the process” told JN that Nike “did not want to sponsor a direct competitor” and put pressure on Ronaldo to scrap his ideas.

If he didn’t, Nike threatened to end CR7’s €6 million-a-year sponsorship deal.

The 30-year-old champ did the maths – and his sports shoes did the walking.

Still, the rest of his range, for men and children, can now be found on sale, bearing the slogan “100% made in Portugal”.

Prices start at €100 and can go up to €550.

The shoes will be sold in 60 select stores in Portugal and throughout 20 countries around the world.