Young woman trying to sleep but disturbed by noisy neighbors and covering ears with pillows

Night flights over Lisbon triple between October 18-23

The temporary changes to the air management system over Lisbon airport have seen residents in the flight path massively prejudiced. Three times the number of night flights were recorded between October 18-23, translating, says environmental association ZERO, into “intolerable noise levels” for people who at night should be able to get some rest. NAV Portugal, the country’s air traffic controller has said: “We are also aware of the inconvenience that the installation of this new system – essential and indispensable, both by international regulations and by the future limitations of the old system – may cause to people living near the Humberto Delgado Airport” stressing that everything has been done so far, and will continue to be done “until 28 November 2022, to minimise any disturbance that this essential transition could add to normal operations”. On November 28 the special dispensation allowing extra night flights should come to an end.