Photo of Intermarché's renovated meat counters

Nice to meat you!

At Intermarché meat counters, you will find the best quality and the usual service.

There’s news over at the meat sections of the Intermarché shops in Lagos and Alvor. Following some renovation work at the two shops, gone is the traditional butchers’ counter and there are a few innovative changes. With new preparation chambers and more sophisticated packaging, the two shops invested in a structural change that guarantees better quality and food safety of the meat, which reduces human manipulation and ensures an even temperature, since the product is no longer transported from the preparation chamber to the counter every day and temperature oscillations are reduced during these “trips”, as well as during customer service. This procedure also extends the shelf life of the meat, thus helping reduce food waste both in the shop and at home.

To help clients bring home their meat safely, the packaging has been carefully selected to ensure the food safety of the product and a lower environmental impact. All packaging can be recycled in the yellow recycling bin, after well drained, and most of it is made with 40% recycled industrial materials.

As for the service, it is as friendly and helpful as ever, and you can still place your personalised order. Just ring the bell next to the door of the section’s preparation chamber and a member of staff will immediately come to greet you. The team at both shops continues to select, cut, prepare and pack the meat every day, and there are some products made in-house, such as meat croissants, meatloaf with puff pastry, stuffed chicken legs, Italian pork meatballs, pork pie, among many other delicious specialities, as well as a huge variety of new and exclusive products. Visit the meat sections in Lagos or in Alvor-Marachique and take advantage of the promotional area, where you can find meat at low prices every day.

(+351) 917 766 932

Partial image of one of Lagos' Intermarché meat counters

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