NGOs call protest to stop Alagoas Brancas destruction

Environmentalists denounce “huge environmental crime”

Environmental NGOs and local citizens will carry out a protest on Saturday (October 22) in a last-ditch attempt to stop the destruction of the Alagoas Brancas wetland site in Lagoa.

The protest will begin at 5pm in front of Carlos do Carmo municipal auditorium.

Organisers warn that a “huge environmental crime” is being committed and that “animals like the Iberian pond turtle are being buried alive” as a result of the urbanisation works which started on October 12.

“If you care about the environment, here’s your chance to do something,” organisers add.

Earlier this week, the NGOs condemned the works as “illegal” and warned that the destruction of the wetland area will put the town’s safety during floods at risk and will bring “severe consequences” to Lagoa.

Almargem, A Rocha Portugal, GEOTA, FAPAS, LPN, SPEA and ZERO – the NGOs that released the statement together – vowed to continue their fight against the development plans and promised they will not “stand by as this serious and unnecessary environmental aggression takes place”.

A petition against the destruction of Alagoas Brancas has already amassed over 7,300 signatures.

By Michael Bruxo