Odd one out

THE WORLD Cup organisers have announced that each of the 32 participating countries will have a personalised coach to transport teams to and from matches. Each will have 44 seats, a kitchen, toilets and multi-media equipment, and will be emblazoned with the appropriate national flags, with the exception of the American vehicle, which will be left plain white for security reasons!

Instant replays

FOR THE first time, all 12 World Cup stadia will be equipped with giant screens, capable of simultaneously transmitting highlights from games elsewhere. Instant replays will not be shown for security reasons, but spectators arriving up to three hours before kick-off, can view the action from games taking place earlier in the day.

Test results

POLAND SUFFERED a setback in its World Cup preparations with a 1-0 defeat at home to Lithuania. Mexico continued its successful preparations for the finals with a 1-0 win over Venezuela, Ricardo La Volpe’s team having won four of its last five friendlies.