News from Golf for Greys

GOLF FOR Greys was formed in November 2003 with the idea of bringing together golfers over the age of 50. As well as enjoying a game of golf in the company of like-minded individuals of a similar age, there would also be the opportunity to make new acquaintances. The intention of starting Golf for Greys was also to obtain better green fees through strength of numbers.

The founders, John Hawker and Eddie Pilkington, told The Resident that the whole concept has grown beyond their wildest expectations. Currently, over 1,200 members enjoy discounted golf, plus the opportunity to play in three competitions a month, some free golf tuition, and other non-golf benefits.

As Golf for Greys rapidly expands, one of the questions frequently asked is why the association does not offer younger golfers the opportunity to take advantage of the competitive golf rates that the over-50s enjoy?

Having given this consideration, and sounded out the feelings of a number of members, Golf for Greys agrees that it is fair and practical to offer discount rates to all age groups and genders. This new venture will now mean that there are three categories of golf participation open to anyone joining the Golf for Greys group.

Golf for Greys Full Members are golfers who have attained the age of 50 and who wish to become annual members.

Golf for Greys Associate Members are golfers under the age of 50, who will only be eligible to play in competitions if invited to do so by a Golf for Greys Full Member. Associate Members will be eligible to compete for a guest prize only.

Golf for Greys Junior Members are players under the age of 18. The cost to join Golf for Greys Juniors is 10 euros per annum. Again, to play in a competition, a Junior Member will have to be invited to do so by a Golf for Greys Full Member.

With the continuing growth in membership of Golf for Greys, it is envisaged that there will soon be the opportunity to organise competitions specifically for Associate Members and for Junior Members.

For those interested in joining this vibrant association, annual membership fees are as follows:

Golf for Greys Full Members (Over 50s) – ¤45

Golf for Greys Associate Members (Under 50s) – ¤45

Golf for Greys Junior Members (Under 18s) – ¤10

More information can be found on the website or by calling 282 341 935.