News and music top Portugal’s internet list

NEWS SITES are the most popular destination for Portuguese internet users over the age of 15. This is one of the results of the “Bareme Internet 2004” study, an in-depth, 1200 page report on Portuguese internet habits. Results show that 58.9 per cent of “internauts” get their news online, with music coming second as the most popular subject among 48.6 users, closely followed by culture on 48.4 per cent. Surprisingly, perhaps, only 37.5 per cent were mostly concerned with sport, while economic, financial and business themes were well down the Portuguese list. Younger internauts, aged 15-17, clearly prefer music, which came out as top subject for 73.8 per cent of those consulted, with computer game subjects coming second with 56 per cent. Sport was in third place (55.2 per cent) with news in sixth place on 39.5 per cent.