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Pants down

Never far from the limelight, David Beckham was caught caressing his ‘golden balls’ on the balcony of his team hotel apartment by a Sun newspaper photographer. The England captain, who was only wearing his Y-fronts, commented: “I don’t like to see such pictures, but I am not surprised. I am here to play football and to help the team win.”

Take another plane

The Portuguese national airline, TAP, has announced that it will increase its seat capacity by 4,000 to satisfy increased demand during the Euro 2004. In practical terms, this translates into 25 additional charter flights transporting both teams and fans to Euro venues.


The Russia-Spain game on the opening day of the competition led to approximately 20,000 Spanish supporters crossing the border from Andalusia, most without tickets. The match had been sold out for a long time and those lucky enough to find some on the black market had to pay upwards from 100 euros for even the cheapest seats. Giant screens erected in several locations helped deal with the overflow.